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Partner for growth.

Nobody believes that public/private partnerships are easy to pull off, and often they are rife with dysfunction. Why? Often it’s because the various stakeholders – whether they are municipalities, investors or residents – have different goals and different benchmarks for success.

Successful projects are enacted by partners that are in-sync, action-oriented, community-minded, prudent and willing to share the risk. That’s where we come in. Using Hexvarium’s proprietary HexMAPP™ platform, stakeholders have powerful tools at hand to create the most powerful ingredient for success: synergy.

Find and leverage capital

While feasibility assessments are an important part of any large, multi-year project, it is essential that they are not based on static inputs.

Realistic, deliverable deployment plans are responsive to changing data streams, and the HexMAPP™ platform delivers just that, including variables such as investment risk, consumer demand, engineering, socioeconomics, competition, and construction efficiencies. We provide the requisite set of services so that potential and existing investing partners can identify the most lucrative hex-bins and proceed confidently, prudently and quickly.

Introducing HexMAPP™

Hexvarium's proprietary HexMAPP™ platform finds value and opportunity that no one else sees.

Some providers ignore areas that are not 100 percent high margin, while others don't plan accordingly and deliver partial build or run out of funds before completion. Areas are overlooked for a variety of biased reasons and perceived flaws: density, demographics, topography, competition and fear to act. HexMAPP™ cuts straight through these to identify and deliver achievable suitainable solutions.

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  • Identify

    HexMAPP™ determines the optimal build path and sequence, allowing the creation of a spending plan that matches the pace of government funding. Our Project Estimation and Pre-Construction Services use state-of-the-art network design, which leads to solid budgeting with risk analysis and mitigation plans—all completed before the digging begins.

  • Deliver

    In this phase we prepare a detailed Budget and Execution Plan. We provide detailed Engineering, Permitting, Construction and Procurement plans to enable the project to launch. And, we manage construction end-to-end. Additionally, Hexvarium is ready to be your financial partner and co-invest to reduce your risks.

  • Connect

    Many projects fail due to late or unenthusiastic take rate, causing adoption to fall below targets. We engage with the customer base and ISPs early on to ensure a high take rate, which also reduces the financial risks of the project. After the build, we provide critical services such as Net Ops, Maintenance, Billing and Support.