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Press Release, October 20, 2022

Hexvarium Shakes Up Broadband Networks

HexMAPP Takes the Guesswork Out of Broadband Network Investments; Changing the paradigm of Risk Management to Bring Sustainable, Profitable Broadband to Any Community

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  • Startup Hexvarium prepares to ride the fiber buildout wave

    Startup Hexvarium on Wednesday announced the launch of its fiber buildout strategy – an effort the company hopes to eventually back with a $500 million buildout fund.

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  • Startup Hexvarium thinks better data can close the broadband gap

    Freshly launched startup Hexvarium is hoping to make it easier for service providers to understand the long-term costs and revenue associated with prospective broadband builds using a new software mapping tool.

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  • Shining Light on the Digital Divide

    How to Build an Open Digital Divide Index.

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  • Data Science Breeds Success in Broadband Rollouts

    Building telecommunications infrastructure requires massive up-front investments, and to date, service providers have used very simple methods of determining how and where to build their networks.

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  • Open for Business

    In his bid to bring connectivity to the greatest number of people possible, Open5G's CEO Gerry Lawlor says pushing the boundaries with data is critical.

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  • Faster Geospatial Enrichment

    Earlier this year I signed a consulting agreement with Open5G.

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  • No Broadband for you! What is 100/20? Broadband Speed Over Time

    Flash news announcement… your internet isn’t BROADBAND anymore!

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  • Seeing the Forest From the Trees

    Most recently ETH Zurich published their “Global Canopy Height 2020” data set along with the view in Google EarthEngine.

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