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It’s time to change how we think about broadband and how to build it. That’s where Hexvarium comes in. Our proprietary HexMAPP™ platform and algorithms quickly determines how and where to build fiber networks for the highest possible impact on the community, and the best possible return to investors. And, we’ll invest in the project with you.

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Hexvarium is transforming how telecom and broadband is delivered to communities.

Real, sustainable and scalable networks require collaborative and creative effort on many fronts including funding, planning, network design, construction, engagement and ultimately delivering and supporting customer connections. Hexvarium was created to deliver solutions across the spectrum of this complex, but critical problem.

We have a new way to identify, target, build, deliver and connect broadband to any American that makes it fast, sustainable, equitable and profitable, regardless of location.

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Our Process - Value At Risk

  • Rapid Market Analysis

    Understand the Risk

    High level for us, but very detailed analysis compared to anyone else, delivered in a fraction of the time.

  • Detailed Market Analysis

    Define the Risk

    Push the boundary and see the reality of the challenge.

  • Go-to Market Analysis

    Deploy the Investment

    Get-to-market with a phased, permittable, buildable plan with sustainable achievable economics.

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A better way to broadband?

  • Identify

    HexMAPP™ determines the optimal build path and sequence, allowing the creation of a spending plan that matches the pace of government funding. Our Project Estimation and Pre-Construction Services use state-of-the-art network design, which leads to solid budgeting with risk analysis and mitigation plans—all completed before the digging begins.

  • Deliver

    In this phase we prepare a detailed Budget and Execution Plan. We provide detailed Engineering, Permitting, Construction and Procurement plans to enable the project to launch. And, we manage construction end-to-end. Additionally, Hexvarium is ready to be your financial partner and co-invest to reduce your risks.

  • Connect

    Many projects fail due to late or unenthusiastic take rate, causing adoption to fall below targets. We engage with the customer base and ISPs early on to ensure a high take rate, which also reduces the financial risks of the project. After the build, we provide critical services such as Net Ops, Maintenance, Billing and Support.

What people are saying

Freshly launched startup Hexvarium is hoping to make it easier for service providers to understand the long-term costs and revenue associated with prospective broadband builds using a new software mapping tool. But Hexvarium isn’t just looking to sell software. It’s also putting its money where its mouth is with a $500 million broadband investment fund.

Diana Goovaerts

Fierce Telecom

Hexvarium’s planning and mapping software, HexMAPP, can target specific geographic areas of the US and overlay those locations with information about who lives there, how much it might cost to deliver different kinds of telecom services there, which services might already be available and what investors’ potential returns on investment might be.

Mike Dano

Light Reading

Roughly 40 community broadband networks have failed in the past few years because of poor risk management, planning and lack of good information, leaving broadband consumers to the high fees, poor performance and abysmal customer service of the major providers. We have a new way to bring sustainable broadband to such communities.

Gerry Lawlor

CEO, Hexvarium

What are you looking to do?

Invest in Broadband

Most buildouts haven’t succeeded as well as hoped. Network designs don’t focus enough on realizing the quickest path to cash, or take steps to ensure that take rate is rapid and high. We can help with all of this.

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Bring Broadband to Communities

Projects often focus on passing density, socioeconomics and cheapest per-foot costs. This removes significant portions of a market, resulting in more underserved or unserved households. We believe there is a better way.

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Local Partnerships

Communities need partners that are action oriented, community minded, prudent and willing to share the risk—all central to Hexvarium’s ethos. We provide the requisite set of services to move quickly and prudently. And, Hexvarium is willing to invest alongside you.

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