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Building Broadband is Hard, Getting the Data Shouldn't Be

Getting information about the providers in your city, the speeds they offer, and the current customer experience shouldn't be difficult.

The first step is often spending weeks building a feasibility report - a 40 page PDF which is heavy on cost but light on answers.

Go beyond static reports and data. Start with interactive data exploration so you and your team have the all information from the start. We blend FCC, Ookla, MLAB, Census and more so you don't have to.

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  • Data on a map what now!?

    Houston we have a problem, good internet isn't everywhere...

    Above the data showed which areas are being over reported with the most generous method possible. By bringing together the FCC, Ookla, MLab and Census data we can start to examine if a new broadband network is viable. The main challenge here is that it takes time and it's hard to get all stakeholders to the table. Further, often if you are a ISP or City you want different things. You can take the guess work and hand waving out of it.

  • We can help

    You've seen the public data for your City. Now take it to the next level with a DMA. High level for us, but very detailed analysis compared to anyone else, delivered in a fraction of the time. This is our Detailed Market Analysis (Level 8 Hex) at 0.28 Sq Miles. Is there a viable business case to build? Initial deep dive into market profile (HexMP), Hexvarium competitive score (HexCS), engineering (HexEA), digital divide (HexDD) & financial analysis (HexVAL). All of this delivered in our web app HexMAPP or in any GIS format that works for you.

  • More questions?

    Got more what ifs than you know what to do with?

    We have deep experience in data, Geographic Information System (GIS), Fiber to the Home, wirless, funding, and running an ISP. And if we don't know the answer we have partners who do!

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A better way to broadband?

  • Identify

    HexMAPP™ determines the optimal build path and sequence, allowing the creation of a spending plan that matches the pace of government funding. Our Project Estimation and Pre-Construction Services use state-of-the-art network design, which leads to solid budgeting with risk analysis and mitigation plans—all completed before the digging begins.

  • Deliver

    In this phase we prepare a detailed Budget and Execution Plan. We provide detailed Engineering, Permitting, Construction and Procurement plans to enable the project to launch. And, we manage construction end-to-end. Additionally, Hexvarium is ready to be your financial partner and co-invest to reduce your risks.

  • Connect

    Many projects fail due to late or unenthusiastic take rate, causing adoption to fall below targets. We engage with the customer base and ISPs early on to ensure a high take rate, which also reduces the financial risks of the project. After the build, we provide critical services such as Net Ops, Maintenance, Billing and Support.