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HexMAPP™ is a multi-step process to evaluate the risk of broadband investments of any geography to understand, refine and ultimately go-to-market with an achievable and sustainable plan. Every detail is analyzed in a fraction of the time of any other feasibility method and unlike any other process we don’t stop asking the questions. Risk never goes away; we help you manage it long past all the assumptions are made.

Our Process - Value At Risk

  • 50/50

    Understand the Risk

    High level for us, but very detailed analysis compared to anyone else, delivered in a fraction of the time. This is our Initial Risk Analysis Level 8 Hex at 0.28 Sq Miles. Is there a viable business case to build? Initial deep dive into market profile, Hexvarium competitive score (HexCS), engineering, digital divide & financial analysis (HexCLV).

  • 80/20

    Define the Risk

    Push the boundary and see the reality of the challenge. If 50/50 economics make sense, 80/20 is our refinement Level 9 Hex at 0.04 Sq Miles. What cost-per-passing and footage-per-passing is optimal? What is the right strategy to compete in the market? What existing assets can be used? Network capacity demand analysis, geologic study for construction preparation, and go-to-market engagement plan: all are correlated to refine the investment plan.

  • 90/10

    Deploy the Investment

    Get-to-market with a phased, permittable, buildable plan with sustainable, achievable economics. 90/10 is our Level 10 Hex at a level of detail that includes each and every service location. Complete Network design and associated Bill of Materials for Layer 1 and Layer 2 deployment. A phased build schedule with optimized crew efficiencies, go-to-market strategy implemented, full investment & funding strategy with private or public capital. It’s everything you need to solve this challenge.

  • 100

    Manage the Investment

    Never Stop asking the questions! HexMAPP™ assists your ongoing analysis of the investment. Are crews going slower than expected? Is demand and take-rate higher than expected? Is the best use of capital this street or another, next week or next month? How can I avoid stranded capital, the death knell of fiber builds?

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  • Identify

    HexMAPP™ determines the optimal build path and sequence, allowing the creation of a spending plan that matches the pace of government funding. Our Project Estimation and Pre-Construction Services use state-of-the-art network design, which leads to solid budgeting with risk analysis and mitigation plans—all completed before the digging begins.

  • Deliver

    In this phase we prepare a detailed Budget and Execution Plan. We provide detailed Engineering, Permitting, Construction and Procurement plans to enable the project to launch. And, we manage construction end-to-end. Additionally, Hexvarium is ready to be your financial partner and co-invest to reduce your risks.

  • Connect

    Many projects fail due to late or unenthusiastic take rate, causing adoption to fall below targets. We engage with the customer base and ISPs early on to ensure a high take rate, which also reduces the financial risks of the project. After the build, we provide critical services such as Net Ops, Maintenance, Billing and Support.