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About Us

Hexvarium™ is changing the way we think about broadband and how to build it. Hexvarium’s proprietary HexMAPP™ platform and algorithms takes the guesswork out of broadband network investments, enabling investors, utilities, municipalities, businesses to quickly determine how and where to build fiber networks for the highest possible impact and the best possible return to investors.

Dedicated to solving some of the most vexing problems that have long caused broadband services across the country to underperform and buildout projects to fail, Hexvarium is the only broadband service provider using Data Science modeling to accurately select, deliver, and connect open, profitable community networks, regardless of location.

Hexvarium believes in its approach so much that it plans to invest alongside other public and private capital to build out networks across the United States. The company is based in Seattle, Washington.


Committed to better broadband

  • Mike Farmwald

    Co-Founder, Chairman

    Michael Farmwald is a serial entrepreneur with one of the most successful track records in Silicon Valley. Known for his unique combination of computer engineering skill and market vision, Mike has founded six companies to date, five of which were financed in part by Benchmark Capital, where he is a Venture Partner. Mike is probably best known for co-founding Rambus Inc., a developer of scalable chip technologies that enable semiconductor memory devices and ASICs to keep pace with faster generations of processors and controllers. After founding the company in 1990, Mike served as Vice President and Chief Scientist, overseeing the development of several key innovations, including the 1992 introduction of the world's first 4 Mbit RDRAM.

    In 1993, Mike cofounded Chromatic Research, a privately held developer of media processors for the PC industry. Mike served on the board of Chromatic Research until the company was acquired by ATI Technologies in November 1998. In 1996, Mike cofounded Epigram, creator of advanced semiconductor home networking technology, which helped revolutionize high-speed networking connectivity within the home. Epigram was acquired by Broadcom in April 1999. In late 1997, Mike cofounded Matrix Semiconductor, a pre-IPO start-up backed by Skymoon, Benchmark and Microsoft, among others.

    Prior to his success at Rambus, Mike founded FTL in 1986. FTL, an ECL supercomputing company, merged with MIPS in the same year. At MIPS, Mike served as Chief Scientist for High End Systems. Following his experience at MIPS, Mike was an Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Illinois. Mike holds a BS degree in Mathematics from Purdue University and a PhD in Computer Science from Stanford University. He currently sits on the boards of Rambus (Nasdaq: RMBS) and AON Networks.

  • Gerry Lawlor

    Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

    Very much the accidental telecom executive, Gerry has started and led multiple ISPs both regionally and nationally. His broadband adventures started out of necessity after leaving Manhattan in 2011 for remote rural living on a pacific northwest island. Working with his local electric co-op, he led Rock Island Communications which has been one of the most successful Co-op led broadband initiatives. He moved to T-Mobile in 2018 and led the national development and deployment of its Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) line of business. Prior to making his mark in the telecom sector, Gerry led global businesses in the financial industry, where he developed his passion for bringing meticulous research and a unique, boundary-pushing approach to data analysis.

  • Fabion Kauker

    Chief Information Officer

    A leading expert in data modeling, GIS mapping and network design, Fabion brings extensive experience in developing solutions for global networks and multinational technology companies across cloud, fixed/wireless connectivity, computer software and business operations domains. Formerly VP of American Ops at Biarri Networks, Fabion is dedicated to solving last mile problems across many verticals.

  • Henry Shi

    Chief Operating Officer

    Henry is a strategic operator and telco executive with over a decade of experience spanning Fortune 500s in TMT and CPG, venture capital firms, startups, and consulting. A trusted advisor, Henry has a passion for launching customer-centric business models and products with disruptive value propositions.

  • Adam Kelly

    Chief Technology Officer

    A veteran technologist, Adam has over 30 years of experience designing and building high-performance/high availability infrastructure platforms and networks for internet service providers, tier-1+2 banking institutions and exchanges, military bases, energy companies, state and federal governments, education institutions and commercial clients.

  • Crystal-Rose Galvan

    Chief of Staff

    Crystal-Rose is a highly organized strategic advisor with more than 15 years of experience in Silicon Valley working in technology, real estate and telecom industries. Prior to joining Hexvarium, she was an integral member of global companies including San Leandro Dark Fiber, OSIsoft (now Aveva), and Morgan Stanley honing her project management and negotiation skills. An avid problem solver, Crystal-Rose has a proven track record helping companies increase productivity and their bottom line. She is adept at identifying cost savings, managing large teams, handling crises, and organizing complex systems to create profitable business strategies. Crystal-Rose is dedicated to advancements in technology, helping underserved communities and bringing broadband for all to fruition.

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A better way to broadband?

  • Identify

    HexMAPP™ determines the optimal build path and sequence, allowing the creation of a spending plan that matches the pace of government funding. Our Project Estimation and Pre-Construction Services use state-of-the-art network design, which leads to solid budgeting with risk analysis and mitigation plans—all completed before the digging begins.

  • Deliver

    In this phase we prepare a detailed Budget and Execution Plan. We provide detailed Engineering, Permitting, Construction and Procurement plans to enable the project to launch. And, we manage construction end-to-end. Additionally, Hexvarium is ready to be your financial partner and co-invest to reduce your risks.

  • Connect

    Many projects fail due to late or unenthusiastic take rate, causing adoption to fall below targets. We engage with the customer base and ISPs early on to ensure a high take rate, which also reduces the financial risks of the project. After the build, we provide critical services such as Net Ops, Maintenance, Billing and Support.