Software/Research Engineer | Hexvarium | Delivering Sustainable Broadband Networks

Software/Research Engineer


March 26, 2023

About the role

The goal of the role is to both develop the software and follow your inquisitive thought process. To then develop insights from the data. Create opinion, methodology and outcomes to reveal projects and how to complete them. Taking these outcomes and communicating with a broad audience both internal and external.

Key Skills & Responsibilities

  1. Excellent computer and statistical programming skills — Python and Matlab preferred, also SQL, R.
  2. Experience or interest in a typed, compiled languages, C++, Rust, Julia
  3. Fluency in data, visualization and analysis
  4. Familiarity with geospatial, satellite, or imagery data strongly preferred
  5. Understanding or interest in graph data structures and algorithms
  6. Knowledge of or interest in mathematical optimization (CPLEX, Gurobi et al.)
  7. Critical thinking, curiosity, strong written and verbal communication skills
  8. Knowledge of telecom infrastructure network principles, coverage and capacity requirements

About the team

We are a broad mix of software and business people who like to look into challenging domains to find opportunities. The key is to combine our unique combination of backgrounds to build something new. Foremost we value developing a prototype and learning from it. There are no perfect solutions. Our team is very flexible, located globally and remote. The challenges we face are unique and at a scale and dimension that most companies struggle to fathom. Technology choice is just the starting point and we are early in the development stages. Each of us is free to engage with each part of the process and go as deep as desired. To be successful you will be comfortable engaging directly with technical experts across the software, finance, telecom and mathematics domains. There is great opportunity to grow as part of the role expands into being part of a larger team.

First 3 months

  1. You have shipped a unique feature that enables the users to slice and dice the data in ways they couldn’t previously.
  2. You’ve been able to get the development environment setup and run each module end to end.
  3. There have been many deep dives into data, code and business requirements.
  4. Some of the key gaps in the code technically or in terms of features look like what you’d like to focus on.
  5. You know what data we have, where it is and how to access it. Further, you’ve even added a data set, some derived data sets and created a predictive model.
  6. Starting from concept to visualization you’ve made an addition to our collaboration platform


  1. Health, dental, and vision insurance for you and your family
  2. Unlimited time off (Actively promoted and utilized by team)
  3. A remote-first organization with flexible work hours
  4. 401(k) plan

Philosophy & Software projects of interest