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Hexvarium Shakes Up Broadband Networks

Press Release

October 20, 2022

HexMAPP Takes the Guesswork Out of Broadband Network Investments; Changing the paradigm of Risk Management to Bring Sustainable, Profitable Broadband to Any Community

SEATTLE – October 20, 2022 – Hexvarium, a next-generation developer, facilitator and operator of broadband networks. We build fast, sustainable networks for investors, utilities, municipalities, businesses, and consumers frustrated with underperforming broadband service and failing buildout projects. Investment risk, consumer demand, engineering, socioeconomics, competition and construction efficiencies are not static inputs for successful projects. Unlike other broadband providers, Hexvarium has developed a powerful real-time analytical platform called HexMAPP™ to answer the critical investment questions quickly and most importantly to continue to ask these questions over the life of a deployment. HexMAPP is a proprietary data science analysis and advanced mathematical modeling platform that takes the guesswork out of broadband network investments.

Given the FCC broadband definition is moving to 100Mbps/20Mbps, Hexvarium estimates that 40-50 million locations suffer with limited, poor or unaffordable broadband service. HexMAPP can deliver networks to those communities that want to ensure sustainable broadband for decades to come. In addition, Hexvarium-built networks can be white-labeled, so multiple ISPs can use them to deliver more choice to each community and thereby reduce the monopolistic broadband conditions under which most communities suffer. Hexvarium believes in its approach so much that it is willing to invest alongside other public and private capital to build out networks across the United States.

Unique Modeling Platform Reduces Risk

Risk Hexvarium’s HexMAPP platform quickly determines how and where to build fiber networks for the highest possible impact on the community and the best possible return to investors, regardless of location. HexMAPP delivers a deeper understanding of a targeted geographical area than is available, which minimizes the risk of investment. The platform ensures the most efficient use of capital, labor, materials, marketing and time by evaluating factors such as who owns and lives in each property (and for how long), the cost to pass and connect each property, the competitive environment (what speeds and prices are being offered and by whom), the cost of capital, the ROI, and the technologies best suited for reaching each property. Once a project is underway, the platform continually re-evaluates all factors to ensure that the project remains sustainable for the long term. It’s about getting things down to one number using data and geospatial science, financial economics and common sense. Hexvarium finds value and opportunity that no one else sees – some providers would ignore areas that are not 100 percent high margin, while others would do a partial build or run out of funds before completion. Areas are overlooked for a variety of biased reasons and perceived flaws: density, demographics, topography, competition, but Hexvarium cuts straight through those to identify and deliver affordable, sustainable solutions. “Roughly 40 community broadband networks have failed in the past few years because of poor risk management, planning and lack of good information, leaving broadband consumers to the high fees, poor performance and abysmal customer service of the major providers,” said Hexvarium CEO Gerry Lawlor. “We have a new way to bring sustainable broadband to such communities – broadband that offers the highest performance, the best customer service, and real choice for subscribers.”

White Labeled Community Networks

Unlike most broadband builders, Hexvarium invites other providers to access its fiber network to extend their brands to more locations. This is a significant difference from the closed networks of major providers today. For example, Hexvarium helped the City of Atherton provide a white labeled Network to its residents, and Hexvarium subsidiary Atherton Fiber is in discussions with other cities about the expansion for this type of network.

White Labeled Community Networks

Hexvarium’s approach also helps eliminate the Digital Divide by enabling public and private money to be invested in a cohesive manner to meet the needs of all parties looking to serve lower-income and unserved communities. The company, which currently is engaged in a number of broadband projects, already serves parts of the San Francisco Bay Area with 10Gig symmetrical fiber, compared with typical cable below 300Mbps for downloads and 20Mbps for uploads.

“Broadband access is broken in the U.S.,” Lawlor added. “The U.S. invented broadband and have spent trillions of dollars on it, but we still have the slowest, most expensive and least available broadband of any advanced economy. Too many Americans are either completely unserved, underserved or are suffering with high prices or poor service under a monopoly. It’s long past time for a change.”

About Hexvarium

Hexvarium is a broadband service provider using proprietary Data Science to accurately identify, deliver, and connect profitable networks across all geographies. Building sustainable broadband networks is a complex puzzle of continually changing factors. Yet all other designers, engineers and operators deploy capital using static, antiquated methods and knowledge of each community. Hexvarium’s approach delivers sustainable networks, even in the most challenging circumstances. For more information, please visit hexvarium.com.

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